SSEN10 Website

SSEN10, School Uniforms that you want to wear everyday, everywhere!

Clothes that you want to wear outside of school in your everyday life!

School uniforms that fulfill sensitivity and taste for highly individual and trend-conscious teenagers!

Those are the brand identities that SSEN10 pursues.

2016, the birth of ‘SSEN10’ , the school uniform for teenagers!

The best apparel company in Korea chosen by global sports/outdoor activity brands.

The school uniform brand ‘SSEN10’, newly launched by Hojeon group, seeks for the value as ‘clothes’ over just school uniforms

SSEN10 creates clothes in value beyond being only school uniforms and creates clothes that they want to wear everyday and everywhere.

As the phrase goes, 'From first to last',

the number 10 implies a meaning of completion.


SSEN10 is the brand for proud, passionate and highly individual teenagers.

The number 10 in SSEN10 means teenage years which is the most important moment to lay the course of life, the moment of quality of life is decided, and the period of completion of individuals.

Therefore teenage years are the lever that determines possibilities, another new start,

and the promise of completion at the same time.

Teenagers who devote passion to pursue dreams to complete their dreams,

Teenagers who act responsibly for the future, This is the ideal image of teenagers that SSEN10 sees.

SSEN10 means people who are sparing no efforts with creativity towards infinite possibilities

with passion like an active volcano, based on a healthy mind and rationality.

SSSEN10 wants to be with their sensitivity and creative spirits to challenge.